Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What's the collective noun for a bunch of Writers Bureau Tutors?

Every couple of years, the Writers Bureau tutors get together at Head Office to discuss any queries or problems we may have. (Problems with students? Surely not! - Actually it's more to do with administrative processes.)

And after all our hard work during the afternoon, we then meet up in the evening for a relaxing meal. And it was whilst taking this photo, that I suddenly wondered what the collective noun is for a group of Writers Bureau tutors! An assignment? Keep your thoughts clean please - especially if you happen to be one of my students intending on sending in your latest assignment soon!

And here's a note for any Writers Bureau student - have you checked out the Writers Bureau revamped website recently? There's an online forum that enrolled students can join to ask for help from other students and to pass on news and information. One recent post states that The Lady's Viewpoint column has been dropped, which is a shame because this was a good freelance slot. The editor dropped it in the middle of October. (She's new and she's making a few changes - dropping the fiction slot, being another one of the changes.) So if you're a WB student, check out http://www.writersbureau.com/

Non-students can also find useful information on the website. Take a look at the 'resources' page. This has links to the Ezee Writer newsletter, which is free, and past issues can also be found here with their informative articles.

Some of the WB tutors (myself, Lorraine Mace, Stephanie Baudet and Alison Chisholm) were involved in a little bit of future publicity for the Bureau. I'll tell you more in the future (when you can have a right laugh at us), but suffice to say it involved the phrase, "Lights, Camera, Action" and a very annoying camera/sound man, whose pet phrase was "That was great, but let's do it one more time."

Finally, on a completely different topic, is anyone interested in moving to Pembrokeshire and buying a house? If so, you need to visit the website of writer, Lynne Hackles' who is trying to sell her house.

Until my next posting (when I shall tell you about a rather different men's magazine that I came across today), good luck!