Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year Inspirations

The start of the new year often fires up writers with their desire to get something published, but finding ideas can be a little difficult. Well, a great way to get the creative juices flowing is to draw upon any interesting anniversaries that are coming up in the next twelve months, which include:

- 60 years ago on April 5th, Winston Churchill resigned as Prime Minister.
- 150 years ago on April 15th, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
- 70 years ago on May 8th was VE Day.
- 40 years ago on June 18th the first North Sea oil was pumped ashore.
- 80 years ago on June 1st the driving test became compulsory for all new drivers in the UK.
- 50 years ago on July 8th, Ronnie Biggs escaped from Wandsworth prison.
- 30 years ago on September 1st, the remains of Titanic were located in the North Atlantic.
- 150 years ago on 30th December, Rudyard Kipling was born.

For a wealth of other anniversaries, check out the full list available from Expert Sources at:

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Happy New Year … and may 2015 be creatively prosperous for you all.

Good luck!