Monday, November 17, 2014

It All Started With A Pitch

I’ve mentioned before how a rejection of one project can lead to a more interesting project, and I thought I’d share an example. Back in August I’d pitched a couple of travel article ideas to The People’s Friend. Unfortunately, the features editor rejected them because he’d just bought two similar pieces (which is why it’s always a good idea to pitch ideas first, so you don’t waste your time writing the articles first).

The next day, the editor got back in touch and wondered if I could help. Because I’ve always supplied photos with my travel photos, he asked if I might be interested in a photographic job. Regular readers of The People’s Friend will know that the publication has teamed up with the charity Age UK, and there is a monthly feature exploring the life of an Age UK charity shop. The words are being provided by the charity’s PR department, but the magazine needed someone to pop into the shop in question and take some photos.

It’s a job that takes me out of my comfort zone, because it’s not a writing job, but a photographic one. And I’m used to shooting landscapes, not people. Putting people who don’t like having their photo taken at ease is not easy, although I needn’t have worried. The staff at the shop are wonderful. And they’re willing to help out. Last week I had to go back and take some Christmassy photos, but because it was Remembrance Week, they were all decked out in poppies, not tinsel. Still, that didn’t stop them. We quickly erected a christmas tree and stuck up some tinsel, took some photos and then took it all down again!

The series of articles will last for a year, which means I’ve already had to undertake two photoshoots for them and will need to do a couple more in 2015. So those initial rejected ideas have actually led to more work. If I hadn’t pitched those travel pieces I might not have been asked to to do these photographic jobs (which will earn me more money than those two travel pieces).

It’s just a reminder that pitching regularly keeps your name in front of the editor. And even though that editor might say no today, tomorrow is another day.

Good luck.