Monday, August 11, 2014


Don’t know what a Noops is? It’s quite straightforward really … it’s what  I call a Nearly Oops moment! 

I had an idea for a short 500-word piece that I thought would fit the Backchat column in Amateur Photographer magazine (which I’ve successfully sold a few pieces to in the past). So, I let my pen scribble across my notebook, as I captured my initial thoughts, and then over the last couple of days I edited and refined my text to get it to the right 500-word word length. Satisfied with the piece, I searched my Contacts for the relevant email address for this submission contact and was about to start drafting my submission email when I suddenly thought about checking that the Backchat column still existed.

The following day, while in my local newsagents, I found a copy of Amateur Photographer magazine and flicked through the pages, but couldn't find anything. Not sited next to the letters page where it usually was, I realised that something had changed and so bought the magazine for a closer analysis.

Back at home I was able to give the magazine a thorough market analysis. Since the last time I’d looked at a copy of AP, the editor has changed and there’s been a few other changes too - one of which is the dropping of the Backchat column! Now that would have a been a faux pas had I submitted it!

Still, I had this idea and I thought it would work somewhere, and I found a current slot in Outdoor Photography magazine, but I needed to extend the text to 700 words, which I did, When happy with this, I submitted it and the editor replied within a couple of days. He liked it and wants to use it. Even better, what he was paying was, proportionately, better than I would have got through the Backchat column, had that still been going!

So this little tale is just a reminder that if you haven’t looked at a magazine for a while, you should refresh your memory, because magazines do change over time. And if your intended market has disappeared - don’t panic. There could be a better-paying one just around the corner!

As I say, that was nearly an oops moment - or a Noops, as I call them.

Good luck!