Monday, July 28, 2014

Maximising Opportunities

Last week I was tutoring at the Writers' Holiday event in Fishguard. It's always a good idea to maximise these opportunities, so prior to going I thought about how I could make the most of this trip. The old maxim - fail to plan and you plan to fail - is so true.

For me, such events are also an opportunity to sell some of my books. But after delivering my course I had some free time, and it's this that I wanted to make the most of. Travelling is an opportunity to build my photographic library, and after studying the maps and researching some image libraries I identified a couple of places I wanted to visit.

I also spent some time researching some of those places for potential article ideas, thus identifying specific subjects I needed to photograph. There were two article ideas that came to mind, with pitches submitted.

But, even when you've done all of this extra planning, there are times when you come across the unexpected, such as St Non's Well, (see picture). Although it is marked on the Ordnance Survey map, there's no indication as to whether the well is something substantial, or whether it is simply a hole in the ground! It turned out to be something a little more substantial, which means another article opportunity, at least, and several more photographic opportunities.

And I didn't neglect my journey to and from Fishguard, either. Having scrutinised the map, I found two places I wanted to stop off at and explore.

So I've returned from Fishguard completely shattered (but that's another story!) and with hundreds more photos to add to my library, at least four article ideas, and an idea for an eBook.

Next time a writing opportunity arises, take a few minutes to see how you can make the most of it.

Good luck.