Monday, July 21, 2014

Creating the Right Mood

Many writers go and write in the corner of a coffee shop. Not only is there good food and drink available, but the ambience and background noise can be productive. Having a general hubbub of background noise can soothe the soul into thinking you’re still part of the real world, without actually having to take part in it. But what if you can’t get to a coffee shop, or cafe? Easy. You just need to log into and you’ll soon have that cafe background humdrum echoing around your work station. And, just like a real cafe, the background noise changes. You can opt for a Morning Murmur, or a Lunchtime Lounge, or, if you prefer, a University Undertone.

My latest article in the Business of Writing series (which has just been extended, by the way!) in Writing magazine looks at workspaces, and  finding the right place to work can be important. But as writers we’re lucky to be able to work anywhere, and, as the old saying goes, a change is a good as a rest. So why not take your notebook, or laptop, and take yourself off somewhere different this week? Go and find somewhere else to work from: the library, a cafe, a park bench, the beach, or even a chair in the garden.

Changing our working environment can change our mood, and if the mood change is positive, then that can have a beneficial impact upon our creativity. I would even go as far as recommending an experiment. Create a project to find five different places from which to work, and then spend a day testing them out, to see what sort of impact they have on your productivity. Who knows? You may just stumble upon somewhere that unleashes a whole new vista of thoughts and new ideas!

Good luck!