Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy New (Tax) Year

Happy New (Tax) Year! Well, here in the UK a new tax year began yesterday (6th April), and whilst that might not be the most exciting of days for a writer, I do look upon the new tax year like the New Year. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start, or a fresh look at your writing activities.

I see a new tax year as a new slate. Any projects sold and money earned so far in this calendar year falls within the last tax year, so the 6th April is like wiping the slate clean, and starting again. The taxman, bless him, will be interested in last year’s successes, but now I can start again with this tax year. This is where I put on my thinking cap and consider the projects I’d like to tackle in this financial year. 

I often find this time of year full of hope. The clocks have gone forward (although I still haven’t caught up with the loss on an hour’s sleep yet), which means the evenings are lighter, and it’s nice to do stuff outside again - such as reading and writing, and mowing the lawn. (I do think mowing the lawn is good thinking time.)

There’s a new optimism, with spring taking hold and summer (hopefully) just around the corner. I have plans for a couple of articles and potentially a couple of other books. 

Yes, I do also have the rigmarole of collecting all of last year’s paperwork together and writing off to banks and building societies requesting Certificate’s of Tax Deducted, and all those other tax-related joyous activities that have to be done when completing your accounts. But the excitement of a new start keeps me going. 

So, don’t let the new tax year fill you with dread as you contemplate paperwork, receipts and remittance advice slips. Think of it as a new start.

Good luck.