Monday, June 17, 2013

Swop Box Needs Swapping?

My local library has a Swop Box for magazines. Ideally, they want you to bring a magazine to leave for others, and you can take one to read. It’s a great idea for having a quick look at magazines you might not normally buy, and if you come across a magazine that could be a potential market, if the issue is a little out of date (which some of them can be) at least you know it’s worth lashing out and buying the latest copy in the newsagents for proper market analysis purposes. It’s worth spending ten to fifteen minutes going through the box analysing them all for their potential as markets. Have you checked your local library to see if they have such a box? If not, why not suggest it?

But have you noticed the spelling? Swop, as opposed to swap? I was sorely tempted to ask the library if they had a dictionary so that they could check the spelling, but I didn’t … and I’m glad I didn’t! I would never spell swap with an O, but when I got home I opened my trusty Oxford English dictionary and searched for ‘swop’ … and found it. According to the OED ‘swop’ is an accepted variant of ‘swap’. Whilst it identified that ‘swap’ is the traditional version that most people would use, it confirmed that ‘swop’ is an acceptable spelling and not, as I first thought, an incorrect spelling.

Which just goes to illustrate the point that sometimes things are not wrong when we think they are … just different. So, the next time you come across a word that you’re convinced is incorrectly spelt, why not get out the dictionary, just to double check?

Good luck!