Monday, October 8, 2012

A new-look friend ...

It happens to most publications at some point and last week it happened to one of the UK's most traditional markets, The People's Friend. It's undergone a revamp, although the updating has not been a radical change for this conservative (small c) readership.

Whilst The People's Friend is known as a magazine for short stories, it is also a useful market for features too. One of the biggest changes is that the magazine has increased pagination: by an additional 16 pages. That means it needs more writing!

Whilst it now boasts 7 short stories (one for each day of the week) as well as two serials, it also has new features, tackling many issues, such as health and well-being, and gardening. The People's Friend has always carried travel features and the new-look issue had three. It has also extended it's letters page, and for those of you interested in poetry, they now need more of these too.

So, if it's been a while since you last looked at this market, it might be worth your while spending the 97p and buying a new copy to look at. Remember, this is one of those nice markets that actually pays on acceptance, rather than publication (which is good, because they once accepted one of my travel features in 2005, and it was published in 2011!).

For detailed guidelines, take a look at their website.

Incidentally, this is one of the few markets where you DON"T have to submit your work to a specified name, but instead you submit it to the Features Editor, or the Fiction Editor. (When you hear back from your first submission you'll then have a contact name to use for future submissions.

Good luck!