Monday, August 27, 2012

Where Do You Write?

Where do you write? This is a photo of my desk, where some of my writing is done. It's where most of my administration stuff is tackled: emails, chasing for payments, research and the like. 

But, when I'm in 'the zone' I can sit at my computer and bash away at the keyboard for hours, because it's my space. I know where everything is and most of what I need is all at hand.

Having your own dedicated writing space is important. You don't need your own study (one day I will have one - this is the corner of a bedroom). But it's great if you can have somewhere that you can call your own writing space. This will help you get into your 'zone' more quickly, too. 

We are, generally, creatures of habit. Sitting down at roughly the same time, in the same place, on a regular basis, helps to train your brain into thinking, "hang on, he wants me to go into the zone in a minute." And having everything to hand means there's less chance of being encouraged to step away from my space ... thus being distracted by something else!

I mentioned that my space is a corner of a bedroom - and one day I will have my own study.  But that doesn't mean to say that I don't make little improvements from time to time. Whenever you have a writing success, treat yourself to something for your writing space. Over the years I've upgraded my desk, added more shelving and bought space-saving devices so that I can have stuff to hand. My writing space isn't perfect, but it's getting there. (I'm still too far away from the window for my liking, but that's not a problem that I can overcome at the moment, and I hate having my back to the door, too.) But the point is this: not having the perfect writing space isn't stopping me from writing.

As long as you can find somewhere that you can call your writing space: whether it be a comfy chair in the shed where you can sit with your laptop, or pen and paper, or the cupboard under the stairs, look for somewhere that feels right for the moment. It doesn't have to be perfect: perfection comes over time. I know people who write in attics, in conservatories, in sheds, in summer houses, in kitchens, and at the dining room table. But what they all have in common is when they get there, it's the place that feels right to write at the moment.

Think about where you write. Is it the right place, or could you find somewhere else? Have you tried working in other places in the house? Just because where you write now is where you've always written, that doesn't mean there may not be a better place in the house that you should try. Why not give it a go? (Perhaps sitting in the car would work better, if the kids are running around causing mayhem in the house!) Because when you feel like a writer, sitting down to do some work in a place that feels right for writing, you're more likely to do some writing!

Good luck.