Thursday, March 8, 2012

Go inside with indoor maps on Google Maps for Android

Google Maps helps you orient yourself in the world around you, and as of a few months ago, began to help you do this indoors as well. Indoor maps, a Google Maps feature now available for Android mobile users, shows detailed building floor plans where available. This helps your customers using Android phones figure out where they are and what’s around them in your shop, and enables new customers to check out the layout of your location before they even visit.

Indoor maps were initially released with a limited set of partners (mainly large retailers, airports, and transit stations), and now we’re looking to bring these maps to more places where users might benefit from being able to quickly see floor plans labeled with ATMs, restrooms, departments, and more. You can upload your venue’s floor plan to the Google Maps floor plans tool (make sure you have the necessary permissions and follow our content guidelines). If accepted, we’ll format it to appear on Google Maps for Android. Your floor plan can be a blueprint, a digital image from your website or a brochure. If you only have a physical copy of the floor plan, you can scan or take a picture of it and use that image instead. Easy!

Sofia Italian Steakhouse, West Roxbury, MA

If your store is located within a larger indoor space, you’re still able to participate. Talk to your property manager or building owner about uploading a floor plan, since improved and more detailed information can help all the businesses in your establishment.

This feature is currently available in the U.S. and Japan — we’ll keep you posted as we expand. For additional questions or information, please email

Posted by Mac Smith, Senior User Researcher