Monday, February 20, 2012

Got A Favourite Recipe?

Do you have a favourite recipe? If so, and you can take a photo of it, then look out for Take a Break's new magazine My Favourite Recipe.

They're looking for readers [or writers :-)] to send in their favourite recipes, which could be a classic recipe, or one you've adapted for everyday use, or for those special occasions.

What they need is:

  • the recipe,
  • a photo of the final, cooked dish,
  • and a photo of you.
For each recipe they feature they pay £25, and readers have the chance to vote for their favourite recipe of the month. The recipe for the most votes wins £500.

Taking photos of the finished dish isn't straight forward, so Take a Break have offered some useful tips:

  • Keep the background clear and unfussy. Take the finished dish on a white table cloth, not up against the microwave with a family pack of Doritos hanging over the edge!
  • Don't zoom in too much - take the whole dish, not just the fancy parsley crowning the top.
  • Hold the camera about a foot (30cms) away from the dish.
  • Take a couple of photos - one from above and one from the side.

Further details can be found on

Now, where's my recipe for beans on toast?

Good luck.