Monday, January 2, 2012

Unashamed plug ... Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2012 is the year when you achieve many of your writing dreams, and that some of my ramblings on this blog will help to point you in the right direction.

You could say that 2012 has already begun in a positive way for me, because my latest book, The Positively Productive Writer (TPPW), has been published early. It's official publication date is 27th January, but the distributors have taken delivery of the book and so bookshops and booksellers such as Amazon, are now fulfilling orders.

TPPW is not a 'how-to-write' book - there are plenty of those about already. Instead, it's a 'how-to-stay-motivated' and a 'how-not-to-let-rejection-get-you-down' book. It's about understanding what your writing dreams are, and then breaking them down into achievable steps. I explain why you should not deal with a rejected piece the day you get it back, and instead learn to turn the rejection round into a positive experience.

For me, writing is not just about sitting on your rear end and producing words (which is vitally important), but also about having the right attitude. It's possible to coax ourselves into that right attitude. Having a positive frame of mind helps us to become more productive writers. I believe that productive writers can then become successful writers. (A writer who doesn't produce any words is unlikely to become a successful writer!) TPPW offers a variety of techniques and methods to remain positive and put you in the right frame of mind.

I would like to thank Diane Perry, Julie Phillips, Lynne Hackles and Vivien Hampshire, whose experiences helped to illustrate some of the points I wanted to make in the book.

I must also thank everyone who kindly reviewed the book. To read those reviews, click here.

Many of my regular followers will know that I can be a bit of a tenacious b*gger at times. Well, TPPW is published by Compass Books, who were the tenth publisher I approached. The other nine publishers rejected the book. (Top tip - remember that -   they rejected the book, they didn't reject me.) But, I didn't let those nine rejections get me down. I kept going. The tenacity within me kicked in. I kept submitting. And now my efforts have been rewarded. And if you subscribe to many of the writing magazines, then you'll have seen my name and The Positively Productive Writer crop up already (twice in the January issue of Writers' Forum, twice in the February issue of Writers' Forum, and on page 21 of the February issue of Writing Magazine and also in the next issue of The New Writer magazine.)

So, if you've made any writing New Year resolutions, or set yourselves a series of writing dreams to achieve this year, then The Positively Productive Writer could help you to make your writing dreams come true. And how positive would that be?

Good luck!