Monday, January 23, 2012

Turning Little Ideas Into Bigger Ideas

I'm currently reading Della Galton's "Moving On - From Short Story to Novel - a Step-By-Step Guide" and would recommend it to anyone interested in writing fiction, whether it be short stories or novels. Even if you only want to write short stories, Della's explanations of what makes a short story a short story, and what makes an idea better suited to a novel, will help clarify in your own mind, which ideas will work as short stories and which ones won't.

One point Della makes is that some short story ideas can be moved on to become novel ideas too. However, a novel is not a short story idea with extra words and description. It needs to have sub-plots, character development, and the action can take place over a far longer period of time.

Turning little ideas into bigger ideas is something that many writers consider. Non-fiction writers especially, are encouraged to consider writing a non-fiction book on a subject, if they've had a handful of articles on that subject published.

My first book, 100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human, has been moved on twice. I can trace its origin back to a short filler (about 75 words in total, I think) in a dog magazine. I moved this on to become an 800-word article for a different dog magazine, before moving it on again into a 5,000-word book.

If you dream of moving on to bigger projects, whether it's from short stories to novels, or articles to non-fiction books, why not look back through some of your smaller ideas? It's quite possible, that if they were successful in one format, with a bit of work and development, they could work in another, larger, format too.

Good luck.

For more information about Della's book, Moving On, click here.