Monday, August 1, 2011

Single Copy Purchases

When it comes to analysing potential magazines, getting hold of a physical copy isn't always easy, especially if the title is not carried in your local newsagents. (County magazines are a great example of this - living in Shropshire, my local newsagents does not carry copies of Cumbria magazine, but that doesn't stop me writing for it!)

Traditionally, the only ways to get hold of a single copy were to find a large newsagents that did carry the title you were looking for, or to contact the magazine to see if you could purchase one issue, or even, if you were lucky, blag one for free from the editor.

But times are a-changing. One the UK's largest regional publishers, Archant, (who also publish several national titles too) have just launched a website called, which does exactly what it says; it allows you to buy A magazine. Yes, you can take out a subscription, but you can also buy a SINGLE issue.

In fact, simply browsing this site may spark off potential ideas that may suit some of these titles, so it's worth a browse just for this!

Another potential (and money-saving) source of single issues is the Zinio website - Anyone with an Apple iPad, or other tablet device, may already be familiar with this service that allows you to buy electronic version of magazines - either an annual subscription, or simply a one-issue purchase, which is then downloaded to your gadget. If you don't have an iPad, or similar gadget, don't dismiss this service - it's possible to download Zinio's application on your Windows, Apple or Linux computer, enabling you to purchase single issues to read and analyse on screen.

My father, who has an iPad (and he's working very hard at convincing me to buy one!), says that what he likes about it is that prices are often cheaper. Some publications that may cost £3.95, or £4.25 for a physical copy from the newsagents can be purchased for as little as £1.79. (Zinio also has the advantage of being able to offer magazines from different countries including the USA and Russia!)

So, if you find it difficult to obtain single copies of specific magazines then consider looking at both of these websites. They may just provide you with the solution you are looking for.

Good luck.