Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Independent Booksellers Week

Just a quick post to remind you that it is Independent Booksellers Week this week, where authors are going into their local independent bookshops and creating complete mayhem!

Pictured here, is a very patient Ros, owner of Burway Books, trying to teach me the intricacies of ordering books from the distributors for her customers. I hope I entered them correctly, otherwise the Vicar's wife could end up getting Frankie Boyle's biography, My S**t Life So Far, whilst the local pub landlord will end up with Religion for Dummies.

They also let me loose on the tills, so Ros is clearly up for a late night tonight, trying to balance the thing at the end of the day, after I've finished with it. (I was a bit confused when the till was recommending that I gave back more money to the customers in change, than they gave me in the first place. Oh well.)

Seriously, it's great to be given this opportunity to go and 'help' (!) out at our local bookshops, when they do so much hard work for us authors. If you want to find out about the events that are taking place in your area, visit http://independentbooksellersweek.org.uk/ and type in your post code. It's so important that our local independent bookshops are supported ... especially after the authors have created so much chaos this week!

Good luck.