Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UK Postal Prices have gone up (again!)

Just a quick reminder to writers based in the UK, that Royal Mail increased their postal prices yesterday. An ordinary First Class stamp now costs 41p and Second Class costs 32p.

If you send manuscripts out in A4 sized envelopes (which is best - no editor enjoys reading screwed up material) then a First Class Large letter increases from 61p to 66p, and a Second Class large letter increases from 47p to 51p.

To cut postage costs, it makes sense to email material if you can, but only do this if the magazine editor has said that you can, or that they make a statement in the publication you are targeting that says they accept submissions by email.

If you are sending by post, then submit your work in an A4 envelope, but use an A5 envelope for your SAE. An A5 envelope carries the lower stamp prices.

If ever you're unsure how much it is going to cost to post something, use the Royal Mail's Price Finder page on its website at:

Good luck!