Monday, February 15, 2010

Do You Love Your Writing?

I'm sure you were all inundated yesterday with Valentine messages, and perhaps you even sent one (or two, or a few!) yourself. But did you send one to your writing?

You do love your writing don't you? After all, if you don't, then why should anyone else? For some writers, particularly those at the start of their relationship, their writing is a very personal relationship. Even private detectives fail to reveal the identity of the lover in this affair.

But, treat it with respect, cherish it and work hard at it, and it will reward you for all of your hard work. There's no need to buy this lover of yours diamond rings, or take it out to posh restaurants. All it asks of you, is to spend a little time together. Reward your lover with this time and your relationship will flourish.

To begin with, those first moments together may be fleeting, torrid affairs, where the words between you poured from your hearts, leaving you physically and emotionally exhausted. But, soon the world will catch you together and your relationship will become common knowledge. People will accept you together and if you happen to be at a dinner party, and a snippet of conversation attracts your attention, no one will think it strange if you slip out your notebook and jot down the details.

Don't forget those early days. Take time to recreate the passion you experienced at the beginning of your relationship. It's possible to relive those moments when the words just flowed without a care in the world. Flirt with your writing. Caress your ideas and massage them into shape. You may be surprised at what you're both capable of producing together!

Good luck!