Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Opportunities!

Well, 2010 is certainly starting off with a bang! I've just received my February 2010 copy of Writing magazine and inside is an article of mine where I talk to three writers who've each found different ways of creating time to write. Some are quite simple steps to follow, whilst others are a bit more drastic, but the point is, all three writers have found a way that's best for them.

One of my students, BD Basu, is celebrating a success with one of this articles in the January 2010 issue of Positive Health magazine. Congratulations to him - especially because this is his second article with the publication. I've told him to get in there quick with another article, whilst the editor remembers who he is. It could lead to more regular work! Editors soon get to know writers whom they can rely on for good, well-written and informative copy.

Do you remember those of us poor Writers Bureau tutors who had to filmed for those advice clips on the Writers Bureau website? Well, whilst you have a copy of the February 2010 issue of Writing magazine in your hands, turn to the back page, for Lorraine Mace's behind the scenes explanation of what REALLY happened during filming. I'm going red just reading it and being reminded of it all.

You may also be interested to know that Lorraine has launched a new short story competition called Flash 500. Flash fiction refers to short, short stories and the clue is in the title here, the maximum word count is 500 words, so that's tight writing! There's a £5 entry fee for one submission or £8 for two, but the first prize is £250 plus publication in the ezine 'Words with Jam'. Other prizes include £100, £50 and copies of 'The ABC Writer's Checklist'.

For more information about the Flash 500 competition, visit

I would like to see some excellent submissions made to this competition. Why? Because I'm the judge! So come on guys and gals, show me what you can do. Incidentally, you may want to look at the advice I give to writers entering competitions that I happen to be judging. You can read it here on my website. That's all the help I can give you I'm afraid!

For my Writers Bureau students, if you're looking for more openings in 2010, don't forget WB's very own C & V online newsletter. Log into the WB Student area to find out more. The next issue's theme is "The 1st decade of the 21st century" which offers plenty of scope for ideas, whether you prefer to write fiction or non-fiction. The deadline for the latest issue is approaching fast - 15th January 2010 - so you need to be quick.

Submissions should be in Word or WordPad files (as against MHTML) saved as RTF attached to an email, with your name and student number within the text of your work as well as in the subject line of your email. To help other students understand how you arrived at your idea, a short introduction explaining the inspiration or source of your work would also be appreciated.

Please send your submissions to

Submissions need to be around 500 words.

I hope all that has inspired you!

Good luck!