Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick, Whilst Simon's Not Looking

Tuesday 11th August was 'Blog Takeover Day' as suggested by Sally Quilford. Well, Simon's been so busy bashing away on his computer working on his current big project that I've not had chance to kick him off it. But he's decided he needs some fresh air and gone for a walk, so whilst he's out, I've finally been able to take my chance. I may be two days late, but the opportunity to take over Simon's blog is just too good to miss.

Who am I? I'm known as S.C.S - no, not the furniture store, but "Simon's Caerleon Stalker". I first met him three years ago, but really began following him closely two years ago, much to the amusement of many.

Yet it's not until you stalk someone that you really find their true character. I mean, he always says that he's more of a non-fiction writer, but then, yesterday he got an email from the Vanda Inman Write Space website saying that his short story entry for their 'Families' competition made the top five out of 142 entries! He's been told that his entry should fit one of the fiction slots in the women's magazines, so he's already sent it off. That's why he's gone for a walk - he's posting his submission.

And he's had some feedback from a critiquing service about the novel he's written. Apparently it needs some editing, but then he already knew that. What he wanted to know was whether it was worth him spending the time doing so. Whilst the novel he's written isn't in a genre that booksellers are falling over themselves to publish at the moment, he's been told that it's a good story, with great dialogue and a good pace. He can write a novel it seems.

So what is the genre? Well it's good old fashioned humour, a great British Farce if you like. Having worked in local government, you can understand where he gets his ideas from. Simon enjoys a laugh, although I have noticed the smile falls from his face when I walk into the room.

Does the fact that the publishers are not buying farce-like novels at the moment worry Simon? Of course not. He's always up for a challenge. In fact I overheard him the other day telling someone that "if it's not a challenge in life, then it isn't worth achieving is it?"

So have your specialist subject areas, but don't forget to experiment with your writing too. We all have to take risks in our lives - heck, if Simon finds me tapping away on his computer my life won't be worth living - but we take these risks because the rewards are bigger, aren't they? Risks help us to follow our dreams. As for my dreams, well, I don't want to make you blush but what I've always fancied doing to Simon is .... uh oh... better dash. I can hear Simon walking back up the drive! I'm off out through the window now.

Don't tell him I wrote this will you? But remember what I said. Follow your dream. In fact, why don't you stalk it? Someone who stalks isn't always a psychopath, although my court case comes up next week!

Love and Kisses to you all (especially Simon)