Thursday, July 9, 2009

John's Just Stepped Out of his Comfort Zone

On Monday, I posted an opportunity for writers living in the Northern Ireland and East of England areas to pitch ideas to the BBC Countryfile magazine.

Well, I've just received an email from one of my past students, John.

Hi Simon,
Having read your latest blog post concerning BBC Countryfile magazine I contacted the editor with an idea for an article on Belfast's Cave Hill. I don't know why but I didn't fancy my chances of even raising an eyebrow. However, I received an email telling me that she thought my idea would be suitable for the December issue. Happy days, I thought.

As I continued reading she informed me that they are always looking for new writers from N Ireland and was pleased to hear from me. She has included a list of themes for future issues (up to December next year), and wants me to come up with ideas for each one. She also wants to see some samples of my work and is sending me a recent copy of the mag.

I'm so excited at the minute that I can barely think never mind put an idea together, so I think I'll take a few days to mull it over before putting anything on paper.
But I'm totally stunned, getting the offer to write for a magazine like this is a dream come true. I know that there's nothing definite yet but it has proved to me that I can generate some interest in my work if I try.

This neatly links into the post I made earlier about stepping outside of your comfort zone. John's email clearly shows that he'd had never have considered approaching BBC Countryfile magazine before. But he did. He stepped out of his comfort zone and took the risk. Not only may his original idea be used later on in the year, but this could become a regular market for him. By stepping outside of his comfort zone, John's created a brand new writing opportunity.

Good luck!