Thursday, February 12, 2009

And another Tutor and ex-Student joint publication!

After yesterday's posting about an ex-student of mine, John Rooney, getting an article published in the same issue of the same magazine that I had a piece in, I was delighted to see something similar this morning.

The postman battled his way up the icy road to deliver the latest copy of Writer's Forum magazine and flicking through I happened to stumble across the Letters Page. There I saw a letter by Rob Innis from Spain. His letter, was on the same page as my letter! That means that we've both got a Moleskine notebook coming our way - the prize for having a letter published.

If you've never seen these notebooks, they are lovely! Imelda Marcos may be known for her massive shoe collection, well Simon Whaley will be known for his Moleskine notebook collection! The small ones are just perfect for jotting down ideas and thoughts, and I often draft articles, short stories and other bits of writing in the larger ones.

So well done Rob. And I now wonder whether I should be listing all of the other publications that I'm targeting over the next few months so that my other students can have a go at submitting to them at the same time too! But then again, perhaps their pieces may get accepted instead of mine and that would never do! I still have to eat you know!

Good Luck.