Friday, November 28, 2008

The Crap Holidays Just Keep On Coming!

Well I'm beginning to feel a bit sorry for you all now! I never knew it was possible for so many people to have so many awful holidays!

Liz Dawes has contacted me to say that she's received an email from The Observer today, advising her that her Crap Holiday (No Nooky in Norfolk) will be used in this Sunday's edition of The Observer (30th November). Not only is she overjoyed at this, but it's even more special for her because it's her very first piece of work to be published.

Congratulations Liz, I'm sure you'll enjoy the moment (and don't forget to tell family and friends to go out and buy a copy!)

This means that in the six weeks since my Crap Holiday was published on October 19th, there have only been 2 weeks when this slot was not produced by one of my students!

I hope this proves that there are slots within many newspapers that are open to outside contributions, and Liz's experience demonstrates that previously unpublished writers can achieve publication here.

Keep sending the crap holidays into the Observer. Let's see how many more of my students can get their work published in this slot before the end of the year.

And if this has whetted your appetite, UK based students should check out The Guardian on a Saturday. In their Family section they have a 'Family Life: Your Stories' section, and they pay up to £75 for some of the contributions. Over to you then!

Good luck.