Monday, August 11, 2008

Head and Shoulders Above The Rest?

Do you have a head and shoulders picture of yourself that you can offer to editors with your articles? More and more editors are using these images either at the beginning of the magazine near the contents page, or on the page where the writer's article appears.

It seems that readers want to know more about the writers and this is the editor's attempt to give the magazine a friendlier style.

Don't use those dreaded passport style photos against a plain background where you're trying to stifle a grin, yawn or snigger! Try to find one of you in a relaxed situation. And try to be appropriate. So here's the one I use when offering my walking articles - I'm out in the hills!

If you want to write about travel, then find a picture of yourself somewhere sunny. Cooks should be photographed in the kitchen, garden writers in the garden and those targetting parenting magazines should be on the floor with their children!

So next time you're just about to send off an article, double check the magazine/publication that you're sending it to. Do they print pictures of the writer anywhere? If so, then you should consider doing the same. Smile now!

Before I go I would like to pass on some more congratulations. Julie emailed me to say that Woman's Weekly want to use her fifth assignment piece about her recent past life as a rocker! And another of my students, also called Julie, has emailed to say that Your Cat magazine has asked to use her article about a cat getting stuck up a tree.

Congratulations to you both. Enjoy the moment, and try to get addicted to the feeling of success. It's a useful spur to keep you going!

Well done.