Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Analyse Magazines on the Cheap!

The downside to writing for magazines is that the only real way to understand who they are written for and where the freelance opportunities may exist is to look at a copy. And even then, it's best to look at three or four copies, not just one issue. Some magazines occassionally theme their issues, so if you happen to pick up a 'travel special' or a 'gardening special' then you won't be getting a true reflection of the opportunities available in that particular magazine.

One way to reduce the cost of magazine analysis is to look out for any subscription special offers. Magazines sometimes offer the next three issues for £ or £1 each if you subscribe by direct debit. When magazines often retail at between £3 and £5, this can be a great saving! It does mean that you have to be on the ball with regards to your Direct Debits! Let the magazine take the first payment and then cancel the direct debit, so the company can't take any further funds. the joy on online banking makes this much easier.

If you're lucky, some magazines are offering 12 month subscriptions for a relatively low price. I currently subscribe to Esquire magazine because the offer was £12 for 12 issues!

One of the best places to look for such offers is Martin Lewis's website. He has a specific forum posting page for these sorts of offers. Click here to find out what's on offer at the moment.

Current offers include:

  • Subscribe to Red magazine for £6 for 6 issues.
  • Yours magazine - 4 issues for £3
  • Mother & baby / Pregnancy & Birth - 3 issues for £3
  • Practical Photography - 3 issue for £3
  • Today's Golfer - 3 issues for £3
The magazines hope that you'll enjoy the magazines so much you'll then continue with your subscription (or 'forget' to cancel your subscription after the first 'offer' issues). And if you study them well and make a sale, what you get paid will more than cover the full price subscription anyway!

So check out those offers and get your market analysis done on the cheap!

Good luck!