Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Love Your Local Bookshop - Take Two

So here I am with a cup of tea (no change there then) at my local bookshop as part of the "Love Your Local Bookshop" week. (Emma and I didn;t just drink tea and eat chocolate biscuits. We also put the world to rights over avrious matters and even sold some books!)

It's always interesting chatting to people when they walk past. One woman bought 3 copies of my dog books (thank you- I can eat next week now) and then said how much she enjoyed my walking book - Best Walks in the Welsh Borders). It's so nice hearing this feedback from readers. A lot of effort goes into producing any book, but the walking route guides have to be checked and double-checked against official rights of way maps, so it's delightful to hear from readers who enjoyed following my route. It makes the effort so worthwhile.

An unsuspecting couple from Cheltenham who'd popped up to Church Stretton for a couple of days were soon pounced on when they said they were looking for some interesting walks to do. Naturally they left with a copy of my book too (signed, of course!).

All the staff at Burway Books worked hard (although it might not look like it in the picture!) and there are several more authors going there throughout the week, culminating with bestselling novelist Kate Long (Author of The Bad Mother's Handbook) on 8th July.

And if you ever needed more of an incentive, Burway Books are offering a 10% discount on purchases throughout the week long event. More details can be found here.

I had fun at my local independent bookshop. So why don't you pop along to your local independent bookshop to see what they're doing. You may be served by a writer, not a bookseller!