Sunday, July 13, 2008

Love Your Local Bookshop - Take 3

You may recall last week that I got involved in my local bookshop's events planned for the Independent Book Shop's Booksellers Week. Well as you will have seen from my earlier post, we managed to get a passerby to take a picture of the event.

The industry's trade magazine - The Bookseller - asked bookshops to send in any pictures, so even though I'm an author, not a bookseller, (I am a subscriber to the magazine - not cheap at £4.40 a week!) I sent in the picture.

Well it just goes to show that nothing ventured, nothing gained! Boy did I get a surprise yesterday morning when the postman delivered the latest issue of The Bookseller. There I was sitting in bed with a cup of tea, just flicking through the pages when, the page above jumped out. (click on the picture to see a bigger version) Talk about spit a mouthful of tea across the bedclothes!

I don't know why they used my picture quite so big or why the two pictures underneath of authors Kate Mosse and Alan Titchmarsh are so much smaller.

If nothing else, my local bookshop was pleased!