Monday, April 7, 2008

Postal Prices Increase

This is just a reminder to those of you in the United Kingdom, that Royal Mail have put their prices up today! First Class post goes up from 34p to 36p for up to A5 sized envelopes weighing 100g or less.

As an aside to this, if you post manuscripts to editors, I suggest sending your material in the (more expensive) larger A4 envelopes. This will cost you 52p from today. The reason I do this is because some magazines will scan your text in, especially if you are unable to email a copy of your text, and any creases in your submission will cause problems with this process.

Always include a stamped addressed envelope (SAE) for the return of your submission if the magazine is not interested. However, your SAE needn't be A4, an A5 envelope is sufficient. (Let's face it, if the magazine is rejecting it, it doesn't matter how screwed up it gets on the journey back home! You're going to rewrite it slightly for you next target market, so you're going to have to print out a new version anyway.)

If you fail to put sufficient postage on your submissions, the magazine will be charged the difference and a penalty by Royal Mail. Because of this, it is quite probable that they will refuse to accept your submission. And if you think rejection is demoralising, just think how demoralising it is to be rejected, when they haven't even seen the envelope!

You have been warned!

Good luck.