Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quick Wins are great morale boosters!

I'm currenly outlining a non-fiction book I hope to interest a publisher in, about being a positively productive writer. Freelance writing is one of those careers where more often than not, we are rejected, rather than accepted. It's hard trying to remain positive when the postman has delivered today's envelopes of 'thanks, but no thanks' replies.

Often though, to remain positive, all you need is 'something' no matter how small. A letter or joke and cheque for a few pounds can completely change your day and keep you motivated. Best of all, letters can be written quickly, (although I would still advise you to put them aside for a day if you can before you send them off).

My of my new students, Julia, recently sent me an email:

I sent a short letter and photo to My Weekly in the first two weeks of starting the course. Today I received a copy of the magazine with my printed letter, followed by a £25 cheque, so I'm really chuffed!

You can tell from the language and the tone of Julie's email that she's on a high now, and deservedly so.

One of my other students, Dave, is much further on through the course, but he continues to send the small filler material and letters off, even though he's now achieving publication in article format in magazines ranging from The Lady to Paranormal. I have had another two lurid jokes published in "That's Life!" and received two £15 cheques.

Importantly, further on in his email, Dave says I also intend to send a constant barrage of jokes to "That's Life!"

I believe this to be a good philosophy. These small amounts of money soon mount up into substantial sums, but the written work produced also mounts up into a portfolio of published pieces. Keep everything that you have published, no matter how small, and put it in a folder. Then whenever you have a bad day and feel down, get your folder out and remind yourself that you CAN do it.

All it takes is a letter a day, to keep despondency at bay!

Good luck.