Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cut the C**p!

Whatever you write, make every word count. Don't waffle. Don't write as you would speak with ums...and...ahs...and...well. Tell it as it is.

Whether we're writing a letter, a short story or an article for publication, our words have to fit the alloted space. If all the letters on the Letters page you are targetting are no more than 75 words, then your letter needs to be 75 words or less. Use simple language.

What led me to write this? Why am I telling you to use 2 words instead of 7?

A few minutes ago I plugged a piece of equipment into my laptop's USB port. Windows installed the necessary drivers and then proudly declared:

Found New Hardware: USB Human Interface Device.

Hello? USB Human Interface Device?

It's a MOUSE!

So, cut the c**p and tell it like it is! Your readers will appreciate it!